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Space Sex Positions

Fasten Your Seatbelts

Here we've imagined a harness system for holding our couple together during sex. This sort of device could make things easier for newbies who need help getting into position. The straps keep their bodies aligned during intercourse. Unlike in normal gravity, they wouldn't "swing" back and forth in a harness like this. Rather, it would keep them tethered to one surface in the cabin, so they don't go drifting all about.

The Olga Korbut

In normal gravity conditions, this position would require our couple to
have the upper-body strength of Olympic athletes. In microgravity, they just need to grab onto a bar to hold themselves in place. You don't need to be able to do a single chin-up to pull this off. The bar gives them both something to brace and pull against as they move against one another, but they need to keep a solid grip on it, or they'll go drifting off.

Zero-G Kama Sutra

Potentially, you can get as whimsical and creative as you like with your sex positions in microgravity. Here's one that would have confounded even the authors of the Kama Sutra. You don't have to be a gymnast or have great balance, but it helps to be limber. While she grasps a bar to keep her position, he holds onto her legs for stability. While she needs to keep her grip on the bar, he needs to keep his grip on her, or his thrusts
will propel him to the opposite side of the cabin.

Bodies in Space

One advantage of sex in microgravity is that, because you're not lying or standing on a flat surface, you and your partner can position your bodies anywhere in relation to one another in a three-dimensional space, even aligning your bodies on different axes. They just have to intersect at the right juncture.

Spread Your Wings

This solves the age-old problem of neck fatigue during cunnilingus. With the freedom to position yourself anywhere with relation to your partner, full access is easy and you can always place yourself in the most advantageous spot.

BJs Made Easy

For women, likewise, performing oral sex is much more comfortable. In zero-G, giving a BJ is no longer a head-bobbing, neck straining chore. Thanks to microgravity, you can move his whole body (and the attached penis) with just a light push and pull. You can also rotate around the axis of his dick for complete coverage.

Docking at the Space Station

Having sex in space lets you really spread out and experience the freedom of freefall with no gravity constraints. Here one partner is "anchored" by grasping a bar while her fellow cosmonaut "docks" himself and enjoys the liberation of microgravity. However, if his thrusting gets too vigorous, he's liable to launch himself off into orbit around the inside of the

Up the Yin Yang

Here's another "only in zero-G" position that's an example of what you can do when you don't have gravity pinning you down to flat surfaces. Keep a hand on a stabilizer bar to hold your location, or you'll end up drifting around and bouncing off the interior walls.

Inverted Cowgirl

A new twist on an old favorite - this is the real reverse cowgirl. Actually, in space it doesn't matter which way is up or down, but she still has to wrap her legs around his waist to stay in place. Meanwhile, the bars he grasps keep them from spinning like a rotisserie.

Spaced Out 69

With this 69, it doesn't matter who's on top, and in microgravity, you're both less likely to get tired out trying to hold yourselves in the proper position. There's no awkward propping yourself on elbows or getting a cramp in your neck. While our couple grasps each other to stay together, they have their feet braced against bars to stabilize themselves - otherwise, they might go twirling end over end.

The Space Dog

Here's a "vertical" variation on hitting it doggie style. All of your favorite standby sex positions should be possible in space, although you may experience them differently and may have to incorporate handgrips when necessary to maintain stability. Here, each partner holds a grip on an opposing surface, allowing them to leverage their thrusting together, and keeping their bodies from being propelled apart by the force of their movements.

Zero-G Hustle

Here one partner stabilizes her body between two bars, while her male companion grabs her torso to leverage his thrusting. Rather than just thrusting from his hips, in a weightless environment he can use his arm strength to move his whole body back and forth.

Chillaxin' in the Space Lounge

You can lie back and take it easy in space if you want to. In zero-G, this position doesn't even require you to prop yourself up, but handgrips are necessary to stabilize your position. Movements in microgravity are slower than normal, so relax and take your time. Maintaining eye contact with your partner is a good idea too, since too much eye movement can induce nausea.

The Perfect Angle

Like the previous position, this is possible in Earth gravity but much more pleasant in zero-G conditions. Normally it would be a full-body workout just to get into this position, but weightlessness would take the strain off your back, legs, arm and shoulder muscles. Weightlessness also means it takes very little effort to adjust your angle of penetration to be optimal, whatever your position.

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