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Top Sex Positions

Start in the missionary position and slowly get the guy to put one leg over top while the woman slides her leg under. Do the same to the other side. The man will still be on top but the woman will have her legs together. Then, the woman links her ankles, and flexes her legs muscles while the man is pumping away. Not only does it give the guy a nice tight feeling, it's a quick way for the woman to get off too. Not to mention the deep penetration

Have the the woman sit with her legs crossed. Then, lift her legs up so she's lying on her back. This allows easy, deep penetration in her vagina or ass.

Do it "doggy style", but with the women standing. She should bend over, with her hands on a chair, so that her butt is in the air, level with the man's penis.

Stand facing each other, with the woman's leg over his shoulder while bracing herself on a countertop. 

Both partners lie on their sides, the woman's back against the man's stomach. She lays one leg over his leg and lets him penetrate her from the side!! Great pleasure for him because it feels tighter.

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